Maybe you need some inspiration. Maybe you need some fresh new ideas. You’re thinking hard and just can’t seem to see what’s going to help you at the end. The answer is right in front of you the entire time, beer.

If you need a way to be more creative, drink beer. According to a new study, Researchers from the University of Illinois found that at 0.07 blood alcohol, men are worse at using their memory but are better at creative, problem-solving tasks. So beer makes you more creative.

The men in the study who drank solved 40 percent more of the problems than the sober ones.Also, the drinkers finished their problems in 12 seconds while it took the non-drinkers 15.5 seconds.

Anything in moderation is always healthy for you. If you try to drink to come up with good ideas, don’t drink and drive. That’s clearly a bad idea.


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