Beastie Boys Square is a step closer to reality in New York City.

If you are a fan of the Beastie Boys, get ready to take a trip to New York City! Soon there will be a new destination that fans can go check out and remember the glory days of their favorite group.

New York has considered renaming the corner of Ludlow and Rivington streets on the Lower East Side after the trio used a photo of it, complete with a fake sign for Paul's Boutique, for the cover of their 1989 album.

The Beastie Boys album "Licensed to Ill" was the first album that I remember listening to from beginning to end as a kid. I remember listening to the album on cassette in my Walk-Man player and the way that the tape would slow down if the battery was dying. These days we can hear the songs in crystal clear audio. Kids these days will never understand what it was like to have to rewind the tape back to hear your favorite lyrics over and over again. I am pretty sure that I learned the lyrics to the song "Paul Revere" before I learned most of the lessons we had in school.

The first Beastie Boys shows took the corner of West 100th Street and Broadway in Manhattan’s Upper West Side, where a small crowd gathered to hear the fledgling hardcore/punk band.

Sounds like this will be another great road trip destination to add to the summer of 2022!

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