A school bus and bald eagle collision in Duanesburg ends sadly. 

On October 230, 2017, a school bus in Duanesburg carrying high school students collided with a bald eagle. The bus driver and students were not injured, but the eagle was found dead. The bus had to be towed from the scene, and the DEC collected the eagle for a necropsy.

The Daily Gazette reports the eagle was feeding alongside the road when the collision happened and shattered the windshield on the school bus.

Although the bald eagle was removed from the federal endangered species list, the majestic bird is still considered to be threatened. Numbers declined severely during the first two-thirds of the 20th century. The Audubon.org says people were shooting them even after the bald eagles were given full legal protection, and they were failing from the effects of DDT. They've made an impressive comeback and The Daily Gazette reports in 2016 a record-high number of 332 breeding eagle pairs in New York state thanks to the DEC bringing in eagles from Alaska.

Neal Cook
Neal Cook

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