They just don't seem to make movies like they used to and being that it's almost time to get those kids back to school, seems to me that many of the movies that came out of the 80's seemed to have a school feel to them, probably because so many teenagers (like us) didn't wanna grow up and these movies somehow identified with our plight. Even if they didn't take place IN school, they all involved kids who were our age and just had a 'feel-good' mood to them. I watched them over and over again and they never got old. So, let's dive in: Here's my Top 10 high school flicks of that decade in no particular order... Which ones would you chose?

  • 1

    Who doesn't hear Kenny Loggins going off in their head when thinking of this one! I can just see Kevin Bacon dancing away and rebelling with all he had...
  • 2

    Man, what a perfect play hookey movie that probably inspired us to do the same, although if we only had that singular wit that Ferris did... all those gadgets and close calls, whew!
  • 3

    How bout this come-from-behind story where the the wimpy kid turns into the most popular jock/stud in school, but also the most hairy! What kid didn't wish for fangs so they could bite a beer can like that!
  • 4

    Ah, riding a skateboard behind a jeep, going back in time to meet your parents and changing music history as well as your own, what else is there? Here's the movie that put the Delorean on the map and made me wanna go 88mph... on my bicycle.
  • 5

    Detention, yup... where I spent most of my days in school. I can just hear the buzz of those fluorescent lights in the complete silence of that dull room. Well, these kids turned a hush-hush library into a playground and still managed to graduate before their 30's!
  • 6

    Oh to win the girl who is so WAY out of your league. Every boy can identify with this although none of us had Hollywood writers scripting our destiny, but still... Maybe, just maybe she'll like me?
  • 7

    This movie had so much more to it than a young John Cusack holding a boom box above his head with Peter Gabriel streaming from it, but why 'say anything' more than that?
  • 8

    This one definitely pushed the envelope and how in the WORLD is he gonna get his house all back together before his parents get home while scoring an A in the process?
  • 9

    Um being a dude, the main scene I remember from this is of course the pool scene, but I guess there were some ridiculous outfits that fast food workers had to wear too and that STILL happens today!
  • 10

    Okay, so you can't land a girlfriend, so just go ahead and grab a barbie and a computer, throw a bra on your head and POOF! you've got the perfect smokin hot one! Or is it too good to be true?
  • 11

    Who wants to stay home when you can hop in your woodgrain-side-paneled station wagon and go get yourselves into some mad trouble around town? How these kids in all of these movies never got busted is beyond me!
  • 12

    Talk about an adventure, avoid crooks and booby traps and find pirate treasure to get your parent's house out of hock. All in a good day's work! Gotta love this one and all of those actors are adults now? When did THIS happen?