We all know Avril Lavigne’s been around for a while. We’ve seen her mature from kiddie pop star into an all out desirable hottie that strips down in provocative videos. And guess what? She’s still one of the most desirable pop stars out there, and that’s why she’s our Crush of the Day.

Avril recently got engaged to Nickelback front man Chad Kroeger. This absolutely makes Kroger one of the luckiest guys in the world – he keeps cranking out the same hooks and songs year after year, we keep rewarding him with millions of albums sold, and now he gets to spend the rest of his rock star days with Avril Lavigne.

We know seeing Avril off the market may sadden some of you out there, but don’t get too bummed. The singer’s return to the headlines gives us another reason to post an ogle-worthy photo gallery to remind us why we dig her so much.