Are you a “Hot Ravens Fan” who wants an all-expenses-paid trip to the Super Bowl in New Orleans? This trip includes hotel, food, drinks, and tickets to the game. Well you're in luck sort of. Let's just say you have to be willing to do some sexual favors in return.

Some guy in Baltimore put an ad up on Craigslist yesterday afternoon, offering a free Super Bowl ticket, if you meet his requirements. These are all direct quotes from the ad with the title "Free Super Bowl Ticket for Hot Chick"

Good news for someone... My uncle got 4 tickets to the superbowl and gave me 2. My (biatch) girlfriend broke up with me on the day of the New England game so I will be taking someone along with me to spite her. I will pay for tickets, hotel, food, drinks, etc.

My requirements are simple:

1) You must be hot and a Ravens fan.

2) You will be expected to put out, at least HJ/ BJ/ etc.

3) You will have to hang with my aunt and uncle for at least a little bit.

Email me if you are interested -- this is not a joke.”

Craigslist pulled the ad late last night, but not before people were able to snag it. This guy seems pretty demanding and a creeper. God bless anyone that would want to go to the Super Bowl that bad.


[via SB Nation]

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