Have you ever wanted to be an actor? What about a director? Maybe 2020 can end on a positive note for you.

Meet the ARTS, Applause Rising Talent Showcase. It's a family owned and operated international organization with hand selected regional directors, dance centers, theater companies, and more coming from all over the world.

Aspiring actors, singers, dancers and models have their time stage performing on produced Hollywood and Broadway style stages. There's nothing else like it that offers such opportunity with the best the entertainment industry has to offer. Our goal is giving each aspiring young talent a first look at the world of entertainment."

This company is holding auditions over the next few weeks across the country:

10/20/2020 Greenville, SC
10/22/2020 Columbia, SC
10/23/2020 Florence, SC
10/24/2020 Charleston, SC
10/26/2020 Durham, NC
10/26/2020 Buffalo, NY
10/27/2020 Greensboro, NC
10/27/2020 Rochester, NY
10/29/2020 Statesville, NC
10/29/2020 Syracuse, NY
10/30/2020 Asheville, NC
10/30/2020 Saratoga Springs, NY

The four dates above are for New York auditions. You can go to their website to register for your slot.

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From politicians and athletes to musicians and actors, Utica is the birthplace to many famous people, both living and dead. You can read a full list online, but check out a handful here:

1. Robert Esche: Esche played for several years in the NHL and for the U.S. Olympic team. He is currently the President of The Utica Comets.

2. Steve Wynn: Wynn is a world-renowned real estate developer, hotel and casino mogul and one of the biggest names in Las Vegas. Wynn was born in Utica, NY.

3. Mark Lemke: Lemke was a Major League Baseball player who was born in Whitesboro and went to high school at Notre Dame Junior/Senior High School.

4. Dick Clark: Clark may not have been born in Utica, but he received his start in the TV business at WKTV. During his tenure there he hosted a Country music television program.

5. Tiffany Pollard: Pollard was born and raised in Utica. She was the star of many Reality TV shows, most notably, VH1's Flavor of Love with Flavor Flav.

6. Joe Bonamassa: Joe is one of the greatest Blues artists in the world. Bonamassa still tours and performs to sell-out crowds everywhere. He has also toured with a number of great artists including Eric Clapton.

7. Will Smith: Will Smith was an NFL defensive standout. He played most of his career with the New Orleans Saints. Smith was tragically killed in a road rage incident in New Orleans in 2016.

8. Annette Funicello: This star of the screen was born in Utica in 1942. Funicello got her start as a member of The Mickey Mouse Club.

9. Tommy DeCarlo: DeCarlo was born in Utica, NY and has been the lead singer of the band Boston since 2008. He is not the only Utican to have been in that popular band. Fran Cosmo was also once in the band.

10. moe.: This very popular band is based out of the Utica area and makes Saranac references in some of their songs. They also sometimes return to the F.X. Matt Brewery to perform and some members still live in the area.

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