Clean your sidewalk, driveway, and porch stairs, or NO packages for you!

An Amazon driver recently pleaded with Capital Region residents to make sure there's a clear pathway leading up to their porch or else they won't be getting their packages.

The driver says that some colleagues have slipped on icy sidewalks that weren't shoveled and that they've been given direct orders to use their discretion, even it means turning around (with packages in hand) and heading back to the truck.

It seems to be a reasonable public service announcement considering the Capital Region is expected to get a pretty decent-sized snowstorm on Monday.

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The plea to Capital Region residents appeared on Albany Reddit, a site where anyone can post content, news, interests, hobbies, or just about anything that comes to mind.

In this case, the Albany Reddit user claimed that after last week's ice storm in the Capital Region, many Amazon Prime packages they intended to deliver in Albany didn't get delivered because drivers had no way of safely bringing them to the porch.

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Here's one Amazon driver's plea to residents in the Albany area:

"Amazon customers of Albany expecting a delivery via Amazon Prime, if I or a handful of my coworkers have your packages and are supposed to deliver to you, and the sidewalk in front of your house, your driveway or your porch stairs are covered in ice and not a single grain of salt is there, you are not getting your packages. I skipped a number of houses all week, and many coworkers have fallen. We've been given the option to use our discretion and refuse to service unmaintained walkways, which also includes parking lots. A number of times I had your package in my hands, started walking towards your house and turned around because it was too icy." Albany Reddit User Amateurbrewmaster531

Clearly, this is an individual who takes some pride in their job and wants to do what they're paid to do - and it's been doubled-down on with a warning.

How much snow are we going to get in the Capital Region? Find out here!

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