Rising young star Amanda Seyfried has signed on to play Linda Lovelace in ‘Lovelace,’ one of two Hollywood stories about the famed porn star and her abusive relationship with husband and the porn industry at large.

In a brilliant attempt to stoke interest in the flick (they had us at porn, but we’ll listen), a producer from the film’s  production company (who is not actually involved with the project), has teased the idea that Seyfried will go au naturel (classy way of saying ‘buck nekid’), but clarifies that this is not about nudity.

This is about Lovelace’s struggles and self discovery.  Sure, the producer began the article by mentioning that the film is risque, but please, folks, be mature.  It is just a film starring a beautiful woman who every man wants to see naked, taking on a difficult role to tell the story of abuse and the hardships of the adult film industry…but, really, it is not about nudity.

Ok,  so maybe the producer does go state later in the article that there will be A LOT of nudity, but quickly clarifies that the movie is about respecting women.  There is absolutely no way that any women are being exploited by removing their clothing for the entertainment of total strangers. None whatsoever. Seals are being trained to driver city buses. The currency of Albania is hot dogs. We figure we lost you at Seyfried naked, so we are just making things up now.

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