Empire Haven Nudist Resort in Moravia NY announces the 26th Northeast Naturist FestivalOver 150 nudists from all across the country participate in 165 activities including campfire drum circles, learning about UFO’s, and other stimulating ventures. Here are 5 reasons we think YOU should attend.


  • 1

    Because You Need To Practice Looking Up

    There's no looking down in a nudist colony. That would just make you weird.

  • 2


    We think you'll enjoy playing pickleball, the pudding toss and petanque naked.

  • 3

    Vitamin D

    It's a fact that Moravia, located in the Finger Lakes, has more sunshine (and full moons) than we do.

  • 4

    Break The Taboo

    Bragging rights baby, You'll have bragging rights!

    Monika Wisniewska/Thinkstock
  • 5

    To Answer Our Question

    We want to know if nudists wear socks and shoes at a nudist colony.

    Mykola Komarovskyy/ThinkStock