Howe Caverns is celebrating International Nude Day by offering $65.00 tickets to nudists who want to stroll naked in the underground caverns.

Yes! You can let it all hang out while strolling in the buff at Howe Caverns via lantern light in for International Nude Day. If you want to be 'Naked and Afraid' then follow the rules!

  • Must be 21 or older
  • You must RSVP
  • NO cameras allowed (where would you put it?)
  • NO phones permitted (again..where would you keep it?)
  • Shoes ARE required

Remember Howe Caverns is a constant 52 degrees 156 feet underground, so we thought it would be helpful to come up with a few ideas to keep the naked ones warm.

#5. Let Your Hair Down.

Credit: Valua Vitaly/ThinkStock

This is not the time to sport a sloppy bun or french braid. You need all the coverage you can get to stay warm for the experience. Maybe no-one will be offended if you wear a hat?

#4. Boots That Fit.

Premiere Of Showtime's "Patrick Melrose" - Arrivals
Credit: David Livingston/Getty Images

If your shoes are too small, then it will prevent blood circulation making your feet (and other stuff) even colder.

#3. Body Paint.

World Bodypainting Festival 2017
Credit: Jan Hetfleisch/Getty Images

We know you want to be naked so how about body paint? Better than nothing? Oh, wait...Sorry.

#2. Huddle Together.

Lantern Glowing
Credit: ThinkStock

That lantern isn't just for the ambiance, but it's also a heat source, so huddle around it warm up a bit then continue on your tour.

#1. Don't Shave.

Credit: Tverdohlib/ThinkStock

Nuff said.

"Find Love" Sundance Portrait Session
Credit: Mark Mainz /ThinkStock

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