What's on your menu this Fourth of July weekend? You remembered the hamburgers, hot dogs, salt potatoes, and maybe even the perfect summer playlist, but did you bake a red, white, and blue dessert for your patriotic menu?

Break out a cake mix, frosting, and a variety of red, white and blue fruit and get to work. Check out this simple tutorial below and get in the kitchen!

Make a red, white, and blue swirl atop a tasty cupcake..with or without our nation's president on top. A simple trick: Before you load your white buttercream into a piping bag, 'stripe' the bag with red and blue food coloring to achieve a swirled look.

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Want to stick to your patriotic roots but want something a little different? Why not assemble a trifle worthy of the stars and stripes. A personal favorite, I keep my recipe very simple. Layer bits of angel food cake in a bowl or trifle dish with vanilla pudding mixed with cool whip, and sprinkle in strawberries and blueberries, or red and blue fruit of your choice. Here is a similar recipe tutorial below:

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[Written by TSM Intern: Francesca Orsomarso]