Being stuck at home has inspired some of us to get creative in the kitchen. Based on my Facebook feed, everyone is cooking a fluffy pancake-sized popover called a 'Dutch Baby'. It's a lockdown trend.

Credit: Rachel Daughtry

For the past few weeks, my Facebook feed has been filled with photos of fluffy souffle looking dishes, cooked in cast iron pans, then dusted with sugar and often served with fruit. I had to find out what this delicious (and impressive) looking dish is.

Turns out, it's something called a 'Dutch Baby', otherwise known as a German pancake. According to, it's a "a hybrid of a pancake, a crepe, and a popover — all in one giant skillet."

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The ingredients aren't fancy - milk, flour, eggs, sugar, and butter - and neither is the preparation: you just blend the ingredients together, pour them into a hot pan or cooking dish, and throw it in the oven. All of those steps together make a gorgeous and delicious breakfast treat.

Credit: Rachel Daughtry

There are some great recipes, if you're ready to give this cooking trend a try. has one, and so does the New York Times. Here's Everyday Food with a video on exactly how to get it done:

You can search the internet for more ways to customize these - I saw chocolate, ones with cinnamon and sugar glaze, and berries.

So are you going to give this a try?

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