Chandra Wickramasinghe and a group of fellow scientists in the U.K. believe they have found what amounts to alien fossils in a meteorite that fell from they say fell from the heavens in Sri Lanka last month.

The group concluded that "the presence of structures of this kind in any extraterrestrial setting could be construed as unequivocal proof of biology" -- in other words, proof of life outside of planet Earth.

Now this 'proof' of life isn't a full fossilized skeleton or anything that can be seen with the naked eye, but are instead microscopic and microbial, but either way proof of life is proof of life. If microbes exist, then it's not a huge stretch to assume that something bigger could exist as well. However, there are dissenters of this theory and they are asserting that it's actually an earth rock.

According to Wickramasinghe, "This was also the guess of the Sri Lankan geologists who first looked at the rock. They had considered the possibility that the rock may be ... a rock that was struck by lightning. We examined this possibility and found it to be untenable. From all the evidence we possess (and we are planning to publish this), I personally have no doubt whatsoever that this was a stone that fell from the skies."

So, once again we are left to our own conclusions until evidence that is unequivocal not just by scientist but also us run-of-the-mill humans too. Still, this stuff is getting more and more interesting the more adept scientists get at discovery and documentation. It's only a matter of time before one of those age-old questions gets blown wide open and I hope I'm alive when it does, unless of course it's an alien invasion...

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