Neill Blomkamp Confirms 'Alien' as Next Project
Back in January, director Neill Blomkamp shared some pretty wild and impressive concept art for an unmade Alien movie. When asked about it in February, the director said that Fox was interested in the film, but it was basically up to him to make it. And now it seems like he’s definitely made …
Alien Fossils
Chandra Wickramasinghe and a group of fellow scientists in the U.K. believe they have found what amounts to alien fossils in a meteorite that fell from they say fell from the heavens in Sri Lanka last month.
Is This Really a Photo of an Alien in the Woods in Texas?
Maybe we're just hypersensitive to this sort of thing, but it seems like UFO reports have been pouring in lately. After the possible appearance of UFOs in Google Street View and in the skies over San Francisco and Brooklyn, a man claims to have snapped a photographed of a "Grey&quo…