[Contributed by TSM Intern: Francesca Orsomarso]

There are a list of reasons that you should buy local. I took to the Clinton Farmers Market earlier today and found that the hardworking vendors should be of top priority. If you look in your backyard, there are dozens of local entrepreneurs that have exceptional products and even better personalities. Kettle corn is one of my favorite summertime treats, and today, I learned from the local kettle corn king and queen - Grandma & Grandpa's Kettle Corn Affair.

Grandma & Grandpa's Kettle Corn Affair has been serving its tasty popcorn treat for over 15 years in the Central New York area, with weekly summertime spots at the Clinton Farmer's Market, the Central New York Regional Market, and many various events located throughout the surrounding communities. Although it looks quite difficult, the process of making kettle corn includes simple ingredients: popcorn, oil, sugar, and salt. The five minute task is best left to the professionals as once heated, the corn has a habit of popping over the kettle.

Take a look at this local specialty:


If you want local and fresh the Clinton Farmer's Market is the place to be! The Clinton Farmer's Market is from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. every Thursday June through August on the Village Green in Clinton.


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