The New Hartford Farmer's Market is getting ready to reopen for the 2020 season, though, like most local markets, they're making some changes.

The New Hartford Farmer's Market is planning to open on Tuesday, June 9th. They'll be welcoming customers from 3pm - 7pm, at Sherrill Brook Park in New Hartford.

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Nathalie Nerber, the market coordinator, says they'll be making some changes this year, to comply with coronavirus-related restrictions.

Like the Clinton and Oneida County Public markets, they will only be offering food items. Additionally,

  • No children or pets are welcome near the vendors.
  • Customers must wear a mask to enter the market.
  • Customers must follow social distancing by staying 6 feet from other shoppers, and behind the 6 foot lines marked at each booth.

The restrictions could be adjusted as the season progresses and the region reopens more fully. "We are working with the Town of New Hartford on the guidelines for our market," says Nerber.

In previous years, the Tuesday night market coincided with a food truck rally, but so far, there's no indication the food trucks will be able to return to the event.


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