Drama does not discriminate. This is a hilarious PSA on how your drama effects others. If only this were true and a pill could take care of all of it.

MollyAnn Wymer/YouTube
MollyAnn Wymer/YouTube

This is so funny! Don't know how she does this with a straight face. I would crack up about 30 seconds into a spoof like this.

Drama does not discriminate. Young, old, tall short, here, there, and everywhere. Drama is in the office, at home, in school, at the grocery store, in your e-mail, on Facebook, Twitter and text messages.

Celebrities engage in a lot of drama. That's usually what makes up the entertainment news. Funny stuff to us, drama to them.

I prefer to be a straight shooter. No games. Tell it the way it is within reason. There is no need to intentionally hurt someones feelings for the most part. Pick and choose your words wisely when possible. Depends on the topic though.

This woman has a nice southern way about her in a world full of drama! She has a bunch of videos that I will watch on very simple issues like butter, can't fix stupid, ex relax and more...


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