The men and women of the New York State Police are proud to serve New York and we're thankful we have then on the roads of New York. A New York State Trooper gives you a different perspective on these men and women and what they go through on a daily shift when you talk to them when they are out of uniform.

Usually, we come in contact with a Trooper when we've done something we shouldn't have as in swearing up and down we were doing the speed limit when in fact we knew we were speeding but just didn't know to what degree. Then to make matters worse we get mad at the Trooper when clearly we were the ones at fault.

We are getting closer to the major holidays of the year and a time we should be slowing down a little and not speeding up. Talking to my friend he said what any Trooper would tell you at this time of the year and actually all throught the year. Slow Down and Don't Drink and Drive.

Some things to think about. The Troopers will be doing sobriety checks all through the holiday and if you think you can skate  by a checkpoint, it won't work, you will get caught and it's not worth the trouble that goes along with a DUI or the increase on your insurance premium

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