These car cleaning hacks use everyday household items to make your ride so shiny you'll have to wear shades! We were surprised at the amazing results.

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    Can Of Cola

    That can of coca-cola in the refrigerator doesn't only quench your thirst or pair well with some rum; it will also remove that rust from your car. Use a soft cloth, dip it into a bowl of Coke, rub in a circular motion to wipe away the rust stains.

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    Not only will toothpaste whiten, brighten, and freshen your smile, but it will also help with your cloudy headlights. Rub the toothpaste onto the lights for a few minutes, and let it sit for a few more. After you rinse it off, you'll have shiny, clear headlights again.

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    Steel Wool

    This can scratch your paint but on the other hand, it's great for your windows. It’s strong enough to remove anything sticky, but will not damage the glass. Rub the steel wool on your windshield until all the gunk is gone. Now use some glass cleaner for a shiny and polished windshield.

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    Dryer Sheets

    Oh, all the uses of a dryer sheet. Stick them in your stinky shoes, rub it on the inside of your clothes to stop static cling and clean the dead bugs off your bumper and windshield. No, they're not stuck there forever if you use a handy-dandy drier sheet. Moisten the sheet and rub it on the smooshed bugs and they'll come right off in no time.

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    Club Soda

    Club soda is not part of your favorite adult beverage in this instance; it's used as a stain remover on your cloth upholstery. Dogs, kids, and husbands can make your seats filthy with all sorts of things. Well, don't fret, use the club soda to rub out the stain.

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    Petroleum Jelly

    Vaseline is not just for your lips and skin; it can also moisturize your dashboard. It's not a bad idea to use often to prevent cracking and peeling. Just rub it on your dash and watch it soak right in.

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    Go into your refrigerator and grab some mayo to clean the tar off the outside of your ride. Take a spoonful to cover each tar spot and let sit for about 5 minutes if it doesn't wipe right off then let it sit for another 5 minutes.