Spring is around the corner and no time like the present to make a list of projects that we actually want to finish this Spring and Summer without killing each other!

I know that you, like me have heard bathrooms and kitchens sell houses. The short answer is yes and no.  Here's 6 home projects you may want to think twice about before starting.

1. On the list of projects is a bathroom ADDITION! Adding a bathroom from the foundation up is not a project for the weekend warrior. Typical cost is $50,000 and only 52% of that is recouped at resale.

2. A Master suite addition typical cost, are you sitting down, is $112,500 yup you read that right. The downside is only 53% on average is recouped at resale. People want a big bedroom and they want it attached to a big bathroom. There is not enough demand to keep the price elevated.

3. A Closet renovation, typical cost is $3,500 with 57% recouped at resale.

4. A Bathroom renovation Typical cost is $26,000 with 58% recouped at resale. Remember a dated bathroom will sit on the market though several price cuts and cost you $35,000 to $40,000. Also, make sure the renovations fit the house, a $40,000 bathroom won't work in a $100,000 house but it dose make for a good chuckle by your neighbors!

5. New wood-frame windows. Typical cost is $26,000 with 58% recouped at resale. Windows are like roofs if there are no problems you usually don't  think about them. Spending $26,000 on a houseful of windows is conservative but realistic.

6. New fiberglass front door. Typical cost is $2,500 with 60% recouped at resale. Something to keep in mind is a steel front door costs $500 less and returns the same amount about $1,500 at resale.

Bottom line take your time planning, do your research and don't out build your neighborhood.


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