Are you looking for some ways to stay warm and keep your house warm this winter? Here's a couple life hacks that can help you out!

  •  Use a hot wattle bottle or electric blanket to make sure your bed and clothes are warm. Just be aware of any potential fire risks if you're using an electric blanket and check for leaks in that hot water bottle!
  • Use your hot water after a shower or bath to help heat your bathroom. Don't let that water drain right away. You can let the water sit to evaporate a little so the heat and humidity go back into the room.
  • Put some pipe insulation underneath your doorways to prevent heat from slipping out underneath.
  • Get some thick curtains to keep heat from going out the window. You can also line your curtains with fleece or shower curtains if you don't want to change the look of your room.
  • Trick your thermostat into thinking the room is colder by putting some ice on it. Just make sure no water can get into the thermostat itself!
  • Use tin foil to reflect heat back into the house. Just put some behind your radiator, space heater, or heating vents. Again, make sure of any potential fire risks.
  • Turn down the setting on your hot water heater. You can still take hot showers and wash clothes, but it can help save money on your energy bill.


  • If it's cold enough outside and you have an extra refrigerator, keep it outside and let mother nature take care of keeping your food and drinks cold!

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