Six Albany teens were hospitalized Tuesday after eating what appeared to be drug-infused brownies. From the way the news story was written it sounds like the brownies had THC in them.

According To Times Union.

The eighth-graders at Edmund O'Neal Middle School were transported by ambulance to Albany Medical Center as a precautionary measure after showing signs of nausea — including vomiting — and disorientation, school officials said.

School officials say they have identified the student who brought the adulterated snacks into school; that student was among the teens who were hospitalized. Administrators confiscated pieces of the substance found in his book bag.

Code of conduct procedures will be followed for all of the students, Bernsley said.

The matter is under investigation. School officials have not identified the drugs consumed by the teens, but say they have determined that the substance did not pose a life-threatening risk.

I would like to see a video of how these teens were acting and what symptoms they had. This sounds like some kids making excuses for getting caught with weed brownies. The next step was to act like they are sick because they are going to get suspended from school. This is just my opinion, I hope the kids are okay, its sounds like they will have to accept the consequences of their actions.

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