If you see a very bright object in the night sky over CNY later this week, it's probably not a UFO. In fact, the International Space Station is set to pass over the eastern United States, including the Hudson Valley Thursday and Friday.

In the past, celestial events such meteor showers or lunar eclipses have been shrouded with clouds and rain around here, however, this could finally be an exception. It will be easy to see, as the ISS will outshine all the stars in the sky though it will only be visible for a few minutes, according to AccuWeatherAccuWeather's Dave Samuhel said:

You can't miss the ISS, even in urban areas, as it is as bright as Venus [the third brightest natural object in the sky].

It will appear like a plane at first, but you will notice the steady movement without flashing lights as it grows brighter.

Thursday's showing will begin at around 8:45 p.m., as the station approaches from the southwestern sky. Friday will bring an even better chance to see the ISS as it climbs from the southern sky right before 8 p.m.

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According to the forecast, skies Thursday and Friday night should remain partly cloudy, with no chance for rain.

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