According to some plastic surgeons, checking email, watching movies, and doing other tasks on mobile devices is taking a toll on our faces.


Coining the affliction "smartphone face," Dr. Mervyn Patterson tells the London Evening Standard, "If you sit for hours with your head bent slightly forward, staring at your iPhone or laptop screen, you may shorten the neck muscles and increase the gravitational pull on the jowl area, leading to a drooping jawline."

Sagging jowls -- possibly caused by stooping over mobile gear -- are leading more and more people to get chin implants, according to The American Society of Plastic Surgeons. In 2011, "chinplants" were performed more than breast augmentation, Botox, and liposuction combined, the ASPS claims.

Patterson says technology is prompting these changes in another way: more people are seeing their own sagging faces in front of them on video chat, and they're increasingly not liking what they're seeing.


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