Here's 5 things you may not know about me.

1. I was a licensed embalmer in the state of California in my 20's when I lived in San Diego and before I got into the Radio business.

2. I grew up in Southern California just a few blocks from the beach and spent most of my time surfing when not in school.

3. Avid golfer and for some reason enjoy the game even though it beats me every time I play.

4. I enjoy snow skiing just about as much as golf.

5. I was never around horses when I was growing up but found  myself owning three horses when I lived in Bakersfield California. Two of my horses I used when I team roped and one for pleasure riding. I was a heeler, the one responsible to catch the calf's back feet. the horses were much better than I. I did have a bunch of fun learning to ride and rope, a true cowboy, so to speak.


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