So you have a date coming up with a person you just met and you're short on cash. Never fear, the Eagle is here with 5 things that won't cost you a dime and might help you get to know your date a little better.

1. You can go biking along the Erie canal. There are lots of biking trails. You can use the trails that border 840 in Whitesboro if the canal is too crowded.


2. Bring a bag lunch and enjoy the Union Station in downtown Utica. The building itself is really cool but it has the feeling of thousands of ghosts from travelers passing through over the years.


3. Take your date and fish Oneida Lake. Hopefully, your date is not afraid of fish. If so it could be a date killer.


4.  There's nothing like going to a museum. A little culture never hurt anybody and you may learn something in the process. I think you will have fun in spite of what you think.


5. If your date likes beer, then the last stop is easy; a tour of the FX Matt Brewery in Utica. See how it's made then belly up for one or two of the hometown brew.






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