During the winter, there's a lot of major problems that we have to deal with during a Central New York, like power outages, dangerous driving conditions, and more. But what about those little things that we still have to put up with?

1. Expensive and Mandatory Clothing

It's not very easy to go out in freezing temperatures with only a cheap winter coat. It's almost required to go buy a warm coat, hat, scarf, and gloves. Not to mention when you lose one of them you need to replace them!

2. More Laundry

It's so much easier to fit all those summer clothes into one load in the washing machine. Shorts and tank tops take up much less room compared to multiple sweatshirts and pairs of jeans.

3. The Excess Amount of Salt on the Road

Some days, when Mother Nature is at her meanest, we need a ton of salt on the roads to stop accidents from happening. All that salt that is there can still end up doing some serious body damage to your car, clothing, and footwear, not to mention the environment.

4. Wet Feet and Sore Muscles

Is there really a worse sensation than having one wet sock? And it's something that happens inside our homes all the time in the winter. Sometimes while it's windy, you'll have to tighten your muscles to help brace the wind. Not to mention all the shivering!

5. Dealing with Dry and Itchy Skin

Cold temperatures, wind, and low humidity all can cause your skin to dry up this time of the year. You can use as much lotion as you want, but it's bound to happen to you eventually!

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