Looking for some free items to make your home/apartment a million times better? Avoid going to the free section on Utica's Craigslist. Here's a few wacky items that make you wonder. 

1) Sporadically working Dryer

Dyer works sporadically. Always tumbles and vents great but only heats up sometimes so it is not reliable."

This item is free, and you can find it here.



2) Free toilet

just put in a new toilet getting ride of the old one giving it away for free if you want it call

I mean, who wouldn't want a free toilet? You can find out more info here.



3) Free sink and toilet

Free toilet and sink. Both work just getting new ones. Both are outside on lawn...first come first serve

Not only can you double down on the toilet, you can get a sink too! Find out more info here.


4) Free Travel Toiletries

I have 2 bags of hotel size soaps, lotions, shampoo and conditioners, probably over 200 items. Free to anyone that would like them, maybe a shelter could use them. Prefer pick up but can deliver.

How did the person collect so much hotel sized soaps? Did they steal a ton from a hotel? Find out more info here.




Here we have 100+ used tires for other than road use...i.e. bumpers for marinas, go cart tracks etc..Free Free Free......just lets us know when your coming to get them....take 1 or take em all....

Looking for some free tires you can't drive with? Find out more info here.



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