I'd like to have a nickel for every time I've been to Destiny USA looking for something to buy and missed all the attractions there are to amuse kids and adults alike.


Have you noticed the number of kids attractions both in Utica and at Destiny? One that immediately jumps out at me is Billy Beez. Kids get to climb, jump, slide on a multilane rainbow slide. Great for racing friends, all with adult supervision and the equipment is built to hold adults in case that urge to race your kids comes up. Next time you're in the mall in Utica check this place out. It's huge, to quote a car dealer we all know.

I don't think there is an adult male that hasn't thought to himself, hey put me in a NASCAR, I can beat the field. Here's your chance. This place is huge at Destiny. We're talking 43,000 square feet of track and go-carts that can reach speeds of 45 mph. Without all the noise and exhaust; it's all-electric. Test your skill next time you're at Destiny. You will be amazed and races last about 10 minutes.

This venue specializes in a walkthrough, interactive with theme park style special effects. Each experience lasts about 30 minutes depending on how quickly each puzzle is solved. The is a great experience for young and old, kids and parents.

Looking to drive your kids or yourself nuts. Work your way through this mirror maze. Just imagine trying to figure out which hallway is not a dead end with a bunch of mirrors colored, pulsating lights that all add to the fun. This takes most people about 15-20 minutes to work their way through

So, the next time someone in the family says let's go to the mall, just remember there are more things to do besides shopping. Check it all out at DestinyUSA.com.



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