Nicky Doodles in North Utica closed for good on Labor Day and put on the market. 

Family owned and operated since 1998, Nicky Doodles, has decided to sell their North Utica location due to family reasons  “We did good business in Utica,” owner Tim Twomey said tells the OD. “We’re sorry we’ve got to do it, but it’s just for family reasons. That’s the only reason."

The stores are managed by Twomey, his two sons and his son-in-law. Managing the stores prior to Utica’s closure, Twomey said, required long hours that were difficult for his sons and son-in-law, who have small children of their own. These hours could range from 7 a.m. for setup to around 11 p.m., he said.

The Rome and Verona Nicky Doodle restaurant locations will continue serving the made to order menu consisting of steak sandwiches, hot ham, Zweigles hot dogs, roast beef, buffalo chicken, burgers, and the ice cream shop in the New Hartford Shopping center will also remain open.

Twomey also tells the OD “It’s just gotten to the point that we’re very, very busy,” he said. “If you’re self-employed and want to be successful, you’ve got to be there."

With 50 flavors of soft-serve ice cream, 30 flavors of hard ice cream, and 28 specialty sundaes we hope someone buys it and keeps it as is. DELICIOUS.

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