An Executive Producer at 343 Industries has stepped forward to address the complaints of slow matchmaking that Spartans have been experiencing online in Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

Dan Ayoub, the Executive Producer of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, has announced on Halo Waypoint that his team is working hard at fixing the game's slow matchmaking and other server-side detriments to the players' online experience. Many players trying to play Halo's multiplayer have been voicing their frustrations about the game's slow matchmaking.

Starting today, 343 Industries is rolling out numerous server updates to help with matchmaking across the board. Since most of these fixes are on 343 Industries' end and with their own servers, there should be no need for players to have to download a content update or anything like that. Ayoub also claims that there was a specific issue causing achievements (Master Chief Collection has a plethora of them) not to unlock. Apparently, initial attempts at trying to fix that issue only made things worse. Nevertheless, 343's team is working day and night to get things settled.

If you're unwilling to sit through Halo: The Master Chief Collection's rather long matchmaking sequences for now, we suggest just giving the game more time. There are four huge FPS titles for you to enjoy, and a completely remade version of Halo 2 for you to clear on Legendary to hone your skills.

Want to know why Master Chief needs proper matchmaking? He spends his nights looking for love in all the wrong places: