My wife and I have a sports car that is great for Sunday Drives and here are three routes that you can take your car and enjoy all the sights that upstate has to offer. We used to live in Watertown so the drives we took started from Watertown but these routes will work fine if you start in Utica and end up back in Utica. You don't need a sports car to enjoy the ride.

RT. 1

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This would make a nice lunch or mid-afternoon ride. Take I90 west to 321 south to Skaneateles. there are several places to eat in the center of town beside the lake. You might try the Sherwood Inn, a good place to stop and eat.



RT. 2

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Here's a ride you'll enjoy. Take 12 out of Utica heading north to Lowville. Then take 812  out of Lowville to Gouverneur, take a break and try the Casablanca, great place to eat.  after lunch take 11 back to Watertown and 12 on to Utica. Enjoy the views.


RT. 3


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Here's a little longer drive. Take 12 out of Utica and then 28 north to Indian Lake take the time to eat at 5 Corners, rated very high by the locals. Then follow 28 back to Old Forge and 28 to Utica.

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