It's one of those days when you realize we really haven't had the type of Summer to do all things we wanted before the leaves fall. Here are 12 things I was thinking we should try to do before the season changes.

I didn't grow up here so I enjoy seeing the fireflies. This California boy is still amazed when I see one and will miss them until next year. Hope they are still in your backyard.

Attend a County fair. Each one is unique in its own way depending on location in the state. The kids with their 4-H programs, pie baking contest, milking contest. Take the time to enjoy a county fair near you. It's time well spent.

Head for The Great New York State Fair and don't miss the butter sculpture in the dairy building. What will it be this year?

We are lucky at this time of the year to enjoy produce picked straight from the field. Take the family and pick the veggies that are ready to harvest. There are numerous places to pick your own veggies and farmers markets.

Walk barefoot in the grass. If you have dogs this will not work very well if you know what I mean.

Go fishing. Sometimes its not what you catch but what you don't.

Have a pool party with neighbors, or attend a pool party with a friend who has a pool.

Enjoy a day at the Enchanted Forest Water Safari, one of the Top 25 water parks in the U.S. It's a place not to be missed.

Help your son or daughter build and run a lemonade stand.

This is not fun but more like a summer chore. Seal the driveway.

Go to Old Forge and watch the sun rise over 4th lake. Spend the day and then watch the sun set over 4th lake.

Play a few more rounds of golf and walk the course this time.


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