Fishermen guard the location of good fishing spots like they are guarding Fort Knox. Here are 5 REALLY GOOD places to fish for trout and in some cases what bait to use.

1. Squaw Lake - The trout feed on fresh water shrimp make this a good location to fish for big Browns.

2. Lake Ontario - Known for big Brows, use spoons for good results with luck.

3. West Canada Creek - Good for Browns, no live bait allowed, spoons, plugs and flys.

4. Oriskany Creek - Good for rowns use worms and flys.

5. Lake Placid - Rainbows and lake trout, best luck with worms, spinners, spoons, just about anything else.

As with the rest of the state there are 2 stockings just about 6 months apart. The bait suggestions are what we had success with when we fished these locations. We do not say you are going to catch your limit but we think you'll enjoy your time outside in Central New York.

Good luck and enjoy!


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