Nothing could prepare a family for the devastating news that one of their children has a serious illness. And no amount of "saving for a rainy day" could prepare them for the financial burden that goes along with treatment. Such a story is all too real for the Cole Family in Norwich whose 11-year-old son needs a kidney transplant.

Joella Cole told Spectrum News her son, Gavin (far right in photo) began having headaches about a year ago. A medical visit brought the news he was suffering from stage 4 chronic kidney disease. It's such a rare affliction for a young man, no facilities in our area have treatment protocols, meaning the family has to travel to Philadelphia to get services. As if that isn't enough, Gavin has high blood pressure and dietary issues.

With two other young sons at home, Joella has quit her job to facilitate Gavin's treatment and the needs of the family. The family has started a Go Fund Me Page to help cover the expenses of the trips to Philly, medications, and Gavin's special diet.

Of course, all the medical treatments are just a temporary fix while the family waits for a donor to provide a kidney for transplant. Here's contact information regarding kidney donations:

Christina Collins, MPH
Office Coordinator
Kidney Transplant Program
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Read more on the story at Spectrum's Website and the Cole Family's Go Fund Me Page.

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