Ever wanted to know what beer could taste like brewed in space? Michael Bodzianowski at age 11 will boldly go where no man has gone before, brewing beer in space.

Now first off, let it be known, that a 11 year old isn't drinking the beer. Michael started this project off for school, and now NASA is very interested. His experiment focuses on how the fermentation process works in microgravity. Also, the project doesn't focus on whether or not you can drink a beer in space, beer actually has medical properties.

In December, Michal's idea will leave the classroom and arrive at the International Space Station. It's there astronauts will find out how well the beer ferments in space, something the seventh-grader hopes could be used to help in a medical emergency.

"You can clean wounds like that. It could be a reliable amount of water that won't contaminate you," Michal said."

Michael was quoted saying "it's going to be the greatest moment of my life ... so far," when the project arrives at the space station. Well done Michael, very cool stuff!

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