An 102-year-old New York woman who was born during the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic has now survived COVID-19 twice.

Meet Angelina Friedman from Brooklyn. She currently lives in a nursing home in Mohegan Lake, which is just North of New York City. News10 reports that she survived her second bout with the disease:

Friedman was first diagnosed with COVID-19 in March. In October, shortly before her 102nd birthday, she was diagnosed with the virus again. She recovered in mid-November.

“She’s an amazingly resilient, strong woman,” Joanne Merola, Freidman’s daughter described her mother in a Facebook comment."

Friedman's first diagnosis occurred after she was in the hospital for a minor medical procedure. At that time, she suffered with a fever on and off for several weeks. She beat the virus on April 20th when she finally tested negative. In late October, she tested positive again. This last time she had a fever, and a dry cough. She beat this round on November 17th.

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Friedman was born during the 1918 flu pandemic on a passenger ship taking immigrants from Italy to New York City. Her mother died giving birth on the ship. her two sisters helped her survive until they could reunite with their father in New York, where they lived in Brooklyn. One of 11 children, Friedman is the last surviving.

Friedman continues to be a source of joy and entertainment for those around her. She's a big knitter and makes all kinds of things for visitors. She got a big party for her 101st birthday and last year she was crowned prom queen.

According to CNN, throughout her life she survived cancer, internal bleeding and sepsis. While she's lost most of her hearing and her vision is poor, she's still celebrating life.

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