In a world full of so much anger and hate, we sometimes forget what a good story feels like. Meet Andrew Edwards of Yorkville, he's changing the world by shoveling this winter.

Valerie of Yorkville wrote to us to talk about her neighbor Andrew, and how he's been helping out:

We have a young man who has been shoveling driveways, sidewalks and porches for nothing. He did ours one day and we paid him because it was sweet. Today my husband and I were walking back from shoveling an elderly ladies driveway and started on our sidewalk only to see this young man again so today we talked to him and he told us why he does it."

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Andrew wasn't getting many hours at work due to the pandemic. He got a second job, which hasn't started yet. While he has this down time, he just wants to help people out. Seriously, we wants to help people out with his spare time.

I think it's sweet and we do give him money each time he does it and he usually doesn't want to take it because he just wants to help. You don't see people like that anymore and I think it's sweet."

Hearing this story about Andrew should put a smile on your face. There isn't many people left like him in the world. We love you Andrew, and thank you for being such a great kid here locally.

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