Idiot that I am I went to the NYS Office building instead, all the way up to the 14th floor  where the DEC was looking for Maureen and her pals, only to find out I went to the wrong building. After teasing the nostrils of everyone on that floor and in the elevator, I hurried next door to the Oneida County Office Building where the DSS (I know just a matter of letters!) was on the 4th floor (yup, 0-2 on that one Keith)!!

Keith James / TSM

I stepped out of the elevator just in time to hear Maureen ask a co-worker that if he sees the pizza guy to let her know, haha! Here I am! Anyway, she and her pals are very very active listeners and enter every contest we do and were sure to let me know that next time we give Rod Stewart tickets away that she fully expects to win! Her consolation prize was a large pizza and 50 wings from the Pizza Boys of New York Mills for now but good luck next time!

If you would like to win next week, just enter your workplace and name here. But a disclaimer, I may not find your workplace unless you leave a trail of Reese's pieces for me to follow!