Our listeners are SO enthusiastic! I got out of the van and no sooner had I shut my door and there's George standing right next to me as if he was beamed there or something! Luckily I didn't drop the pizza and even luckier that I didn't show up too late for lunch!

photo: Keith James

George and his hospital grounds homies as St. Luke's Healthcare looked like they were ready to kill someone if they didn't get their large pizza and 50 wings from the Pizza Boys in New York Mills and I'm sure they attacked the goods like ravenous wolves before I drove away. George said he's anxious to win again soon so make sure you get your workplace in the running too to give him some competition! Just click the button below and you're on your way to entering our next Wing Fling Giveaway... Congratulations George and we'll draw a new winner on Monday, maybe it'll be you!