Well, first of all the new iPhone Maps App can bite me cause it sent me way past my destination (fix please?) After scouting mailboxes and backtracking a few miles I finally ended up on the doorstep of Oak Tree Medical Billing in Clayville but only because Debbie's office mate, Terry saw me drive by looking lost and hopped out on to the porch to wave me down. Remember that pizza delivery scene in the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie? Well that was me! The funny part is that there's no sign nor address numbers out front and guess who their neighbor next door is? Valley Signs! Hmmm... sounds like we need to get these two together!

photo: Keith James

Anyway, there were all of three ladies in the office to share a whole large pizza and 50 wings from the Pizza Boys in New York Mills and there was a little puppy curled up under the desk, so I'm sure between the four of them they'll make a dent but there may be leftovers tonight! If you'd like me to deliver to you next just remember two things, 1) make sure I can find your place and 2) enter your office now for the Wing Fling Giveaway by clicking the button below and you may be the next one we draw this coming Monday morning! Good luck!