Zoom won't have a time limit on Thanksgiving.

This year will be unlike any other in terms of the holiday season. Maybe your annual family gathering won't be held because of the pandemic, maybe you'll need to celebrate with those your love over technology instead of in person. If you remember earlier in the year, you may remember that Zoom only allowed those using the program under the "free" download to use it for forty minutes.

This year, you'll be able to communicate with family and friends for free, for longer.

“My personal advice is you don’t have family gatherings — even for Thanksgiving,” the governor said during a conference call with reporters last week.

He also announced new limits on the size of gatherings in homes are being implemented. Private residential parties now will not be permitted to have more than 10 people, down from the current limit of 50.

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The governor says the state will continue to take strong action to respond to outbreaks and to stop the spread of the virus.

 "COVID-19 is spreading in New York, and the increased number of cases is taking place throughout the state. This is not an Upstate or downstate issue—all New Yorkers, regardless of where they live, have cause for concern,Cuomo said. "We are continuing to use a comprehensive micro-cluster strategy and increase our testing capacity to new heights. However, our success also depends on the vigilance and smart behavior of New Yorkers

You have until 6 am on November 27th to enjoy no limit on Zoom calls.

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