Yoko Ono's artwork will be on display in Syracuse this Summer, and the museum is planning on her attendance.

Everson Museum of Art is featuring Yoko Ono's artwork once again. The Museum held her first solo show in 1971 when John Lennon was still alive, and that created quite a stir (some might say a riot) in Syracuse when the two were in attendance.

Elizabeth Dunbar, executive director and CEO of Everson Museum of Art, tells Syracuse.com that they're planning for Ono to attend this year’s show and to perform in at least one of the pieces. But, she says, it’s too early to promise that Ono will appear at the show, which opens Aug. 31.

“We hope she will be here...We are planning that she will be here. But until we get a little closer to the date, we’re all kind of waiting to know for sure.’’

“Yoko Ono: Remembering the Future’’ will run through Oct. 27, taking up nearly the full interior of the Everson and some outdoor space, Dunbar tells Syracuse.com. The retrospective exhibition will feature works from Ono’s career up to the present, including some works from the 1971 show.

The first exhibit with Ono at the Everson Museum in 1971 left the building with broken doos, and other damage as 6000 Beatle fans converged on the event thinking the band would reunite and play a show opening night of the art show.

Ono’s husband, former Beatle John Lennon, accompanied her to Syracuse. Ringo Starr and other celebrities showed up to help Lennon celebrate his birthday during the event, but there was no reunion. [Syracuse.com]

Hmmm. Will Ono's art show bring any well-known musicians or celebrities to Syracuse this Summer?

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