If you could, would you clone your pet? It's a question that comes up every so often and has NO easy answer.

The picture above is about three years old. We lost both pets within a period of 6 months after having both for over 13 years. We were bonded to them as much as they were bonded to each other.

I saw a story on cloning on The TODAY show. The researchers in Korea were working on cloning a Wooly Mammoth. They appear to be pretty close to being successful. The conversation switched to cloning sheep and then to other animals.

What caught my attention was a question from a member of the media that asked if they could clone pets. The researcher didn't respond right away, but finally said yes and changed the subject rather quickly. By this time my wife had stopped getting ready for work and was listening to the cloning story. She turned and said without hesitation "yes I would clone Quincy the lab and Sophie the Beagle Corgi mix," the two dogs in the picture, if the opportunity presented itself.

The researchers commented that while they could clone your pets, there was no guarantee the animal would be the same beyond just looks. In other words the animal would look the same but not think or react the same.

I think we love those two dogs for who they were and the bottom line is there was only one Quincy and one Sophie. The way the two played together, the way they watched out for each other. No matter how much we miss them they never can be replaced, the hurt will heal in time. Gibbs and Molly are in our lives now, but in no way effect the memory of Quincy and Sophie.

If we could, would we clone the two we lost. For me the answer is no, but I think my wife is on the fence....we do miss those two.

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