A Gloversville couple gives birth en route to Troy hospital with help from two NYS Troopers. 

This probably wasn't part of Kristi and Adrian L. Koppenhafer's birth plan but with a happy ending like this who cares?

The Koppenhafer's were on the way to the emergency room as Kristi was in labor, but turns out their baby girl was a bit impatient. They pulled off 1-90 near Exit 24 in Albany as 'baby was coming...now.' The troopers get a disabled vehicle call, and when they arrive, they find the Koppenhafer's giving birth in the car. WRGZ.Com reports the healthy baby girl was delivered with the help of two troopers and her father Adrian at 5:40 am Saturday, April 22. They were then transported to the hospital where mom and baby are doing well.

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