See how you can watch April the Giraffe give birth and help Ava's Little Heros at the same time.

Don't tell the boss but we're watching April on YouTube, wondering when she'll give birth. It's exciting! She's in her last stages of pregnancy with her 5th calf! Animal Adventure Park put the live cam up on March 1st for 'Giraffe Watch 2019.' You can also see updates twice a day on the Animal Adventure Park Facebook page.

If you have no time to spare but are still obsessed with April's birth, then sign up for a Text Alert / Labor Alert and help families in need at the same time. The one time $5 fee will help animal conservation and Ava's Little Heros.

Jordan and Colleen Patch, owners of Animal Adventure Park, started Ava's Little Heros in honor of their daughter, Ava, who battled health issues for the first seven months of her life and was later diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called Aicardi syndrome. Funds raised are allocated to other local families whose child has endured a health crisis.

The Animal Adventure Giraffe Team will send out a text notification, immediately after confirming April is in labor!

* Please note there are no refunds or exchanges once subscribing to this service
*The price is $5 for one phone number alert (Please check your phone number carefully, enter number only without country code!).

April and Cindy McMullen's daughter Shelby/
April and Cindy McMullen's daughter Shelby/

Mom and Me tells us about a giraffe's gestation and birth:

  • Gestation for giraffes is between 425 and 465 days or about 15 months.
  • There's no specific breeding season
  • Mom gives birth standing up and will stay alone with the calf for about a week.
    What the Baby is Like
  • Babies weigh anywhere from 104 to 220 lbs and over 6 feet tall when born. If the calf was any smaller, the drop to the ground might hurt him.
  • The babies are up and walking within minutes of being born.

I'll be watching and praying that April's new calf is born healthy.

Animal Adventure Park is located at 85 Martin Hill Road in Harpursville, NY and is open 7 days a week from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Listen to Cindy McMullen on 96.1 The Eagle weekdays 10-3pm!

[Ava's Little Heros information via PressConnects]

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