I like drinking coke like the next guy, but when is it too much?  A liter a day? Apperently the limit is 10.

A New Zealand mother of eight has died after drinking 10 liters of Coca-Cola a day. 10 a day! Natasha Harris, 30, suffered a cardiac arrest that her partner believes was brought on by her massive soft drink intake.

“Harris, from the southern city of Invercargill, was vomiting six times a week in the months leading up to her sudden death in February 2010, but she attributed it to stress.The mom would become moody, irritable and have no energy without her daily dose of Coke, but the family did not suspect her habit was to blame, the Otago Daily Times reported."

Wait a minute…. The family didn’t think the soda was a problem? They didn’t think 10 liters a day was a big deal? Really?

"The first thing she would do in the morning was have a drink of Coke and the last thing she would do in the day was have a drink of Coke by her bed," said her partner, Chris Hodgkinson. "I never thought about it. It's just a soft drink, just like drinking water. I didn't think a soft drink was going to kill her."

I’m sorry but are people truly that stupid? They just can’t be. Too much of anything is never a good idea.

Read more of that tale here.

[via Fox News]