Wine fairies are leaving gifts on central New York porches with a note saying 'You've been wined.' And you can get liquored too compliments of City Liquors.

Private groups are being created on Facebook, inviting people to add their home address and beverage preference. Members then go around the neighborhood, dropping off porch presents.

Photo Credit - Lisa McNamara Oaksford

And it's not just wine. Some people are receiving beer, seltzer and one was even 'grey goosed.'

Photo Credit - Nicole Bower

It's not just fairies leaving porch presents. Superheroes, from Superman to Batman are dropping off surprises too.

Photo Credit - Megan Destito Otis
Photo Credit - Yvonne Harvey

The kids are even getting in on the fun.

Photo Credit - Manda Heinrich
Photo Credit - Heidi Ferdinand

What a FABULOUS IDEA! I've been invited to several groups and have been liquored twice already. So I've been busy building gift bags to return the favor with City Liquors.

Want to get liquored? Fill out the form below. Include your name, home address and beverage preference. You never know. I may stop by with a porch present from City Liquors.

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