My two favorite grocery stores are Wegmans and Trader Joe's. Utica has neither. So, I find myself constantly driving 45 minutes to Syracuse to go grocery shopping at Wegmans. Recently, I heard a rumor from Trader Joe's in Rochester that there will soon be a Trader Joe's opening in Syracuse. Needless to say, I was excited. Could it be--another one of my favorite grocery stores heading somewhat close to home? I contacted Trader Joe's and got a response. 


This is the latest.

Since the publication of this article, multiple news organizations are reporting that Trader Joe's could be coming to Dewitt, just outside of Syracuse.

This, just a few weeks after I received my response below from the company.

I emailed Trader Joe's, and I received this response:

"Dear Zach,

Thank you for the note.  We are still expanding, but at this time there are no plans for a Trader Joe's in this Syracuse.


Trader Joe's
Customer Relations"

(Permission was granted to post the above response from a Trader Joe's Custer Relations receptionist after calling the department.)

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